Never stop learning and take up new challenges. Lessons could come from success or failure as well and we are open for that. IT brings new challenges and opportunities every day. We are ready!


We share what we know. We take pride in opportunities to share our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions. We share early in the decision process.


We are the CS Rocket Team and we are building this company together. Everyone in our team have an equal role in this process. We care of each other - we are not afraid to ask for help, give and get feedback.


We trust each other to take the lead. We are open for diversity and changes. We respect
different opinions and points of views.


We care about the private time. We appreciate flexibility to adjust the plan to work efficiently.
We know how important for our productivity is
to have some chill out space and team retreats.


Our team is open for everyone who shares our values. Diversity makes our team, experience and works even better and more complex.


There are currently no vacancies.

Natalia Kotyla - Recruitment Project Manager

Let’s connect! I will be happy to help you with your recruitment process.
If you have any questions, just let me know - feel free to ping me here: phone: 0048 881 416 131 [PL]



1. Contact

Let’s connect! If one of our jobs offers looks cool for you, just send your application or connect with our Team Building Department.

2. Interview

Let’s meet with our CEO and your future Manager and check how your experience fits to our team (test / demo).

3. Decision

Let our Team Building Department analyze your interview result and contact with you as soon as decision will be made.

4. Welcome!

One more thing - onboarding, when you will be introduced to the team and prevailing rules - and we can start the adventure!

Concise Software Rocket


CS Rocket Team

We know how important is to feel ok with people you work with.
Concise Rocket Team is like one big family - let’s work, develop the skills and hang out together with the coolest IT freaks in the city.

Self development

Learn, test, and always look for the best solution. Never stop learning and use remember to use the knowledge and experience of your teammates to growth and earn even more..

SCRUM & Agile

For better project management, we are working with scrum & agile methodologies. It helps us to divide our work into tasty pieces

We love feedback. And we love asking “why” as well.

Giving and receiving feedback on a daily basis is something that binds us together while working on a shared project.

Work-life balance

We know how to work in
efficient way but also we know how important is to have a time for the break, chilling and cleaning the mind from distractions.


Growth budget

Self development at the first place. We will help you with your growth with special growth & learning budget.

Team support & knowledge sharing

We are happy to help, explain and share our knowledge and experience to help others growth together.

Team retreats and dinners

We know how important is to build relationship with the team not only working, but also eating, playing or doing some other fun things together.

Chillzone in the office

Sometimes it’s just healthy to have a little break. You can use one of our chill zones in the office to hang out, play some games, stretch or workout a bit.

Private health insurance

We care about you and your family. We want to meet your healthcare needs and protect the ones you love.

Relocation package

Wanna work with us but you’re not in our localization? We could help you to arrange the new start.

Flexible hours

You can adjust your plan to work efficiently, o matter you are night owl or the early bird.

Fruits & snacks

Because cookie or healthy snacks are always a good idea to stimulate the brain to creative work ;)